Violin & Viola Lessons


While taking violin or viola lessons Haddonfield School of Music, you will learn from some of the area’s top professionals who are well-versed in a variety of styles.


As well as a top-quality education on the instrument, opportunites have ranged from intimate recitals to Carnegie Hall. Plus, there are several ensemble opportunities, such as The Accidentals Chamber Ensemble, The String Orchestra and The Shooting Stars Young Ensemble.


Be sure to ask about our annual Fall Production, our biggest event of the year!

FAQs About Violin Lessons


Will I learn the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki method, developed in Japan, teaches music much in the same way that we learn how to speak our first language. Through aural training and intuitive motions, students are immersed in the musical experience. At Haddonfield School of Music, we utilize the core concepts of this method to a degree, adding the important elements of musical theory training and note reading. Please call or email us for more information about our teaching styles and methods.


Where should I get an instrument?

You can purchase one from us! Our Overture starter program allows you to add the cost of a new violin to your initial program at a steep discount.

For intermediate-level violins, we recommend Kennedy Violins.


For higher-level violins as you progress, we recommend our friends at Wamsley Violins, just a short walk from Haddonfield School of Music.


Do I need to bring a violin to the first lesson?

You will need an instrument to have a useful violin lesson. We can sometimes provide a lender instrument for your first lesson, but please make arrangements to have an instrument at the start of your musical journey.


What is a good age to start violin or viola lessons?

Every child is different, but we like to start no younger than five years old. Please contact us if you have a child under five and we can help you find a good solution.


I am an adult. Will I fit in?

YES!! A large percentage of our students are adults and we have plenty of opportunities for the adult string player, including The Accidentals, an adult chamber ensemble that performs regular concerts and recitals and meets every week. We also hold wine & cheese events about twice per year just for the adult players.


How Do I Get Started?

Your first lesson is only $10 and there is no commitment. Simply reach out and we will find a good time to schedule a trial!

Text: 856-284-0874

Phone: 888-910-MUSIC (6874)


Will I be able to play with a group?

Yes. We have string ensembles for kids and adults as well as a pit orchestra for Haddonfield Theater Arts Center’s annual musical theater production. We pride ourselves in providing these opportunities as an essential part of your musical education.

Haddonfield School of Music Student at Carnegie Hall

HSM Students Performing at Carnegie Hall

Violin Lessons For Children

Lessons for children focus on motivation and enjoyable music making. The fundamentals of the instrument are “hidden” inside songs and exercises designed for rapid gratification.

Lessons are motivating, fun and energetic, helping the child to love performing and reaching goals.

Violin Lessons For Adults

The adult violinist has a home at Haddonfield School of Music. We hold several Wine & Cheese musical events throughout the year as well as have several adult ensembles, such as The Accidentals, who meet weekly year-round.

Private lessons can be customized heavily to meet the specific goals of each student. Such goals could be as simple as “make my mother cry at the next family gathering,” but can also reach as high as the stars.


Violin Lessons For Teens

Teenagers have different motivations than adults and children. Also, they will often respond positively to a challenge. While expecting high standards from their students, the instructors maintain patience and understanding of teens’ life situation, which can be quite demanding.

Programs such as musicianship classes, string orchestra and state-endorsed certification auditions further enhance the musical education of the teenager at Haddonfield School of Music.

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