Video Lessons at Haddonfield School of Music Via the Zoom Platform

Setting up your device for video lessons is easy!

1. Download Zoom Cloud Meetings app to your mobile device

2. Open app and click "Join a Meeting" (see the blue button below)

3.  Enter your teacher's Meeting ID (See Below) and click "Join"

That's it! Your instructor will guide you from that point. You will need to find a good placement for your mobile device so that your instructor may see you playing. 

We all understand that video lessons may not be the perfect option, but we are fortunate to have this option available to us so that the music may continue!

Please email if you need any guidance.

Zoom IDs Per Instructor:

Ross: 227-853-1309
Shaina: 554 020 5329
Lucia: 376-295-9383
Michael: 699-323-5491
Joe: 268-279-6545
Patrice: 295-530-8010
Morgan: 826-999-5816
Kara: 6633838614
Keli: 411-080-2577
Emma: 984-288-5492
Rachel: 695-666-4542

Zoom SS.png