What Our Members Are Saying

A huge thank you for all of your hard work. The group sounded great due to your leadership!  What a great experience!”


Haddonfield, NJ

You are by far the best. My daughter's principal came and waited during one of her lessons and she was very impressed by what she heard (how the instructors talked to the students) the atmosphere and the location. You are good people and my daughter and I look forward to being there each week.

If you're thinking about learning a musical instrument, especially violin, look no further. I've taken lessons on several different instruments in other places. None of them compare with The Haddonfield School of Music. I couldn't be happier with my experience here.


West Deptford, NJ

My daughter is loving her lessons.  Morgan is such a great teacher.  I don’t think I could have asked for a better fit.  The progress we have seen in just three lessons is simply amazing.  Again, Morgan is very skilled and connects with {my daughter} on so many levels.












I loved watching each of those priceless performances from the beginners all the way through to the Rock band.  Kudos to you and everyone at Haddonfield School of Music and thank you inspiring a love of music and performance in my boys!




It is a vibe that you feel immediately that makes Haddonfield School of Music so very different. It doesn't feel like a music school, but rather an environment for artists to create and grow and cultivate their gift of art! I am so happy to have become a part of the {HSM}family of artists.

It is so inspiring to me to be led by you in this ensemble! I see all of the passion and dedication you are pouring out to create this art and that is why I am so happy that I am studying within {Haddonfield School of Music}. I am learning so much in addition to my private lessons and I feel am growing so much as a result.

What an incredible concert! My daughter loves the ensemble and has blossomed under your guidance. Thank you!

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