Flute Lessons


While taking flute lessons Haddonfield School of Music, you will learn from some of the area’s top professionals who are well-versed in a variety of styles.


Whether you prefer a Mozart opera or a modern pop, rock, jazz or Broadway hit, you will find your style at Haddonfield School of Music.


Students can expect to work on a variety of techniques to develop breath control, pitch and rhythm recognition and tone quality. Also, we will explore your personal tastes and work on broadening your understanding of music.


Be sure to ask about our annual Fall production, our biggest event of the year!

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FAQs About Flute Lessons


What is a good age to start flute lessons?

We can begin your lessons as early as age 6. Many students are able to make tremendous progress at an early age. 


I am an adult. Will I fit in?

YES!! Many of our students are adults and have found lots of success. We even hold wine & cheese events about twice per year just for the adult performers.


How Do I Get Started?

Your first lesson is only $10 and there is no commitment. Simply reach out and we will find a good time to schedule a trial!

Text or Call: 888-910-MUSIC (6874)

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Flute Lessons for Children

Flute lessons for children focus on motivation and enjoyable music making using repertoire and fun songs. Students learn how to listen for pitch and rhythms to build a strong musical foundation.

Lessons are motivating, fun and energetic, helping the child to love performing and reaching goals.

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Flute Lessons for Teens

Teenagers have different motivations than adults and children. Also, they will often respond positively to a challenge. While expecting high standards from their students, the instructors maintain patience and understanding of teens’ life situation, which can be quite demanding.

Programs such as musicianship classes, string orchestra and state-endorsed certification auditions further enhance the musical education of the teenager at Haddonfield School of Music.

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Flute Lessons for Adults

The adult learner has a home at Haddonfield School of Music. We hold several Wine & Cheese musical events throughout the year as well as adult-specific performances.

Private lessons can be customized heavily to meet the specific goals of each student. Such goals could be as simple as “make my mother cry at the next family gathering,” but can also reach as high as the stars.