Frequently-Asked Questions


How Much Are Lessons?

We recommend 30-minute lessons to start.

Your first three lessons are $95 as part of our Overture Starter Package. After that, your membership converts to a monthly agreement at $35 per lesson, billed one month in advance on the
first of each month. A 
Credit card must be kept on file for automatic billing.


How old do you have to be / Do you teach adults?

With the exception of voice lessons, students can begin at age four. Young students can take singing lessons, which are different than voice lessons. See below.

We absolutely love adults! We even have special events such as wine and cheese and a string ensemble specifically for adults.


What is the difference between "voice lessons" and "singing lessons?"

Until about age 12, children are not ready to begin developing true vocal technique. Doing so can cause permanent damage to the vocal chords. With that in mind, children under 12 take "singing lessons," which develops their tonal memory, understanding of rhythm, harmony and pitch recognition. We work on repertoire and develop a strong foundation on which to build future vocal technique.

About age 12 and beyond, students are ready to work on breathing techniques and vocal exercises to develop range, projection and tone quality.


What is the commitment?

Initially, the commitment is three weeks. After that, there is never a contract, just month-to-month agreements.


Can I have a trial lesson?

Our Overture Starter Package is the best way to get started and know if we are the solution for you. It is during this time that we are essentially "auditioning" for you. If, at any time during the first three weeks, you decide that the lessons are not for you, simply let us know and you will get a prorated refund.

What instruments do you teach?

Violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice/singing, woodwinds

Private, one-on-one instruction at the same time each week with the same teacher


What is your makeup policy if I can not make a lesson?

If the student cancels a lesson, you must call or email or call us at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson to be eligible for a private makeup. One of our staff members will help you find a makeup time with either your teacher or another member of our team. This is based on availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Will I have a chance to perform?

Absolutely! This is what we pride ourselves on. We hold two large performances per year and several smaller "parlor recitals" at the school. We also hold a wine and cheese event specifically for our adult students.

Our recital is in March and showcases students individually. Every Fall, we hold our flagship concert. This concert is a show, complete with lighting, special effects, guest musicians and dancers. All students are invited to perform!